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JEFFREY SCOTT HOLLAND's Countdown to Stupidity

JLK Records' Countdown to Stupidity is the first solo album from Jeffrey Scott Holland to be created and distributed by a label other than his own, Creeps Records. For years, Holland has had available solo cassettes in limited quantities (i.e. as many as he felt like dubbing); Countdown to Stupidity is his first widely available cassette.

The songs on Countdown to Stupidity serve as an introduction to the world of Jeffrey Scott Holland. His vast musical expertise is touched upon in numbers featuring musical styles ranging from the blues to folk-country to rock and roll. He pays tribute to his musical inspirations in covers of songs by Billy Childish, Bruce Springsteen, Hank Williams, R.E.M., and Freddy Fender, and continues to amuse with covers of songs by Pusm legends the Kabirs and JLK Semicolon Etcetera. He sings about many things, and many topics, but there are a number of autobiographical songs as well: His hometown of Richmond, Kentucky is featured in "Richmond Creeps;" his post-high school experiences are touched upon in "The Middle of Nowhere;" his anger against conformity and Generation X is unleashed in "You Can't Make Me." To read a review of the album, as originally published in Pusm Online, click here.

The track listing for the album is as follows:
Side A (26:42) Side B (29:02)
(1) Creeps is in My Head
(2) The Middle of Nowhere
(3) Richmond Creeps
(4) Badlands
(5) Goin' to Estill County
(6) Waco Pottery
(7) You're Kidding Yourselves
(8) Quit Your Day Job
(9) Lip Gloss
(10) Water Towers Look Like Martians
(11) Mystery Science Theatre 3000
(12) You Can't Make Me
(13) Salt Shakers and Wax
(14) Future 40's (String of Pearls)
(15) My A.M. Radio
(16) Jambalaya
(17) Just Tell Her Jeff Said Hello
(18) My Best Was Never Good Enough
(19) Grinnin' in Your Face
(20) The Strangler of Boston Town
(21) Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
(22) State Cop Car Chase

This album is available for sale directly from JLK Records. You can place an order by clicking here.

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