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Listen to selected tracks from Countdown to Stupidity

All tracks are either in RealAudio or .wav format. If you don't have RealAudio, click here to download RealPlayer.

Click on the song file format to hear the track.
Track Song title .ra file (16-bit mono) .wav file (8-bit mono) .au file (16-bit mono)
2 The Middle of Nowhere RealAudio, 1:04, 126K .wav, 35 seconds, 373K
3 Richmond Creeps RealAudio, 1:35, 186K .wav, 30 seconds, 322K
5 Goin' to Estill County RealAudio, 1:35, 186K .wav, 42 seconds, 457K .au, 42 seconds, 332K
12 You Can't Make Me RealAudio, 1:35, 186K .wav, 40 seconds, 435K

All songs are copyright 1996 Crispy Music and were used with permission by JLK Records. Permission is granted to download one copy of each clip for personal enjoyment only. Please do not duplicate or repost these clips.